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We've come so far recently with more women than ever hitting the weight room and making incredible progress, both in their physiques and mindsets. But, I know there's still more work to be done and I want to do my part to give other women the tools to make healthy and sustainable change. I've had a lifelong struggle with body image– I know I'm not unique in that, unfortunately. But weightlifting, and eventually learning about proper nutrition, has helped me create a path to such a raw and powerful feeling of self love and confidence... I want that for ALL women. 


I had struggled with the tumultuous battle of loving my body for years on end. I always knew that in order to do so, I’d have to change my mental and physical setbacks. Ashley helped me do both. She made me feel incredibly comfortable in the gym, which is usually a place that I felt extremely uncomfortable. She helped me find a routine that was perfect for me while opening my mind to my own inner strength, not just my physical strength. Ashley empowered my journey to become more fit and was always there to support, answer questions, and offer feedback. She has changed my life for the better!

Lauren A.

Training with Ashley has changed the way I think about the gym, working out, and my body's own limits. She is so thorough and takes such great care to prepare a plan that works for YOU. She takes into account my crazy schedule, previous injuries, and my own personal goals, while also infusing my plan with challenging workouts that push you to the next level. She checks in frequently and it is always with curiosity and encouragement. One of the reasons I love working with her so much, is her commitment to knowledge. She not only ensures you're doing what's right for you, but that it's done with the proper form, proper training, and most importantly, proper nutrition. She's fun and incredibly smart and engaging. Training with Ash has made me fall in love with weight training and challenging myself to weight amounts I never thought I could lift. My results with Ashley have yielded significant weight loss, increased muscle tone, a better booty(!), and a renewed self confidence and empowerment that was certainly not present beforehand. I promise you this. Train with Ashley and you'll improve your mind, body, and soul. She is truly a gem and a rock star.

Jen R.

I had the pleasure of getting my butt kicked by Ashley the first day I met her. During the weeks leading up to our planned meet-up, she kept encouraging me through Instagram that I was able to go heavier with my lifts, and with my hip thrust specifically. When we met up to workout, she pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible, and had me lifting more than I ever thought I was capable of on prep! She has this contagious confidence about her, and freely shares the knowledge and experience that she has gained through her personal fitness journey - especially coaching HERSELF through bikini prep. I left the gym that day with my glutes destroyed, with more motivation to smash my goals than I ever have, and having found a friend who only wants to build me up.

Hannah E.

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